Unique Article Wizard For Affiliate Marketing

When marketing online, affiliate marketing is a effective and lucrative way to earn and income. There are many affiliate programs out there and all you need to do is make sure you have yours ads for the right products and services in font of the right target market for a large enough number of views and you will make commissions. Those are the three ingredients. The details of pulling this off is what people struggle with and it can be done many ways.


Your articles can be done on anything all all. Do some research and find some good keywords for your target market. and do an article. When doing your article get some content from an expert. You do not need to be one you just need to find what an expert has said or written. When you are writing your article you want to strategically place links within the article that will go back to your affiliate sites to that if someone were to click on them and make a purchase you would get your commission.

Once you have created your article you will want to get it published to as many sites as possible so that you are getting your links in from of a large number of people that are of the right market so that you may obtain a sale that leads to a commission. The best way I have found to do this is using Unique Article Wizard to publish my article. They will be able to get your article on over 10,000 sites depending on the subject matter. Also within the article you will want links back to a primary site that has your articles. In this way backlinks are created and makes you primary site one that search engines will find. This process is how SEO or search engine optimizations works. The article with the most links wins.

You will also want to create a video about your article and put it on YouTube with the same keywords as your article. Since the Unique Article Wizard allows you to publish videos with you article you can reference your YouTube video in the article which gives thousands and thousands of links to that video from all of the sites the article will be published. With this the video also will get SEO or organic traffic from the multitude of sites that it has been published in the world.And just like the article you should have links from your blog to the video and vise versa from the video to your blog. With all this multitude of links and back links the search engines will love you.

Bottom line is all this traffic means do ray me for you when it comes to affiliate compensation. The other thing about articles is that they never go away so as you do this your back links and traffic just continue to rise. This is the kind of vicious cycle that you want to create.

As you can see this Unique Article Wizard can change the thickness of your wallet as you go to the bank and cash your checks.

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